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Android 14 Preview: A Glimpse into the Extensive Physical Keyboard Shortcuts – Best Feature

Android 14 Preview: A Glimpse into the Extensive Physical Keyboard Shortcuts - Best Feature

Android 14 Preview: A Glimpse into the Extensive Physical Keyboard Shortcuts

Android 14 Preview: The upcoming major release of Google’s smartphone operating system, is set to bring a host of exciting features and improvements. Among the notable enhancements is a comprehensive list of physical keyboard shortcuts, aimed at enhancing productivity and convenience for users who prefer physical keyboards over touchscreens. In this preview, we’ll explore the upcoming physical keyboard shortcuts in Android 14 and their potential impact on the user experience.

Enhanced Productivity with Physical Keyboard Shortcuts:

Android 14 aims to bridge the gap between traditional physical keyboards and modern smartphone interfaces by introducing an extensive range of keyboard shortcuts. These shortcuts are designed to streamline navigation, provide quick access to essential functions, and simplify text editing tasks. By leveraging the physical keys, users can expect a more efficient and intuitive interaction with their Android devices.

Improved Navigation and Multitasking:

One of the key benefits of physical keyboard shortcuts in Android 14 is improved navigation and multitasking capabilities. Users will be able to effortlessly switch between apps, open the app switcher, and navigate through menus using dedicated keys or key combinations. This feature is especially useful for power users who frequently switch between different applications or perform multitasking activities on their smartphones.

Efficient Text Editing and Formatting:

Android 14’s keyboard shortcuts will greatly enhance text editing and formatting tasks. Users can expect to perform actions such as copying, cutting, and pasting text with ease, utilizing dedicated keys for these functions. Additionally, formatting options like bold, italics, and underline will be accessible through intuitive keyboard shortcuts, allowing for faster and more precise text editing on Android devices.

Android 14 Preview: A Glimpse into the Extensive Physical Keyboard Shortcuts - Best Feature

Customizable Shortcuts:

To cater to individual preferences and workflows, Android 14 will likely introduce the ability to customize physical keyboard shortcuts. Users will have the option to assign specific functions or actions to specific keys, providing a personalized experience tailored to their needs. This level of customization empowers users to optimize their productivity and streamline their workflow based on their unique requirements.


Access notification shadeSearch + N
Take a full screenshotSearch + Ctrl + S
Access list of shortcutsSearch + /
Back buttonSearch + ~ | Search + Backspace | Search + Left Arrow
Access home screenSearch + H | Search + Return
Overview of open appsSearch + Tab
Cycle through recent apps (forward)Alt + Tab
Cycle through recent apps (back)Alt + Shift + Tab
Launcher searchSearch
Hide and show taskbarSearch + T
Access system settingsSearch + I
Access Google AssistantSearch + A
Lock screenSearch + L
Pull up Notes for quick memoSearch + Ctrl + N
Split screen with current app on rightSearch + Ctrl + Right Arrow
Split screen with current app on leftSearch + Ctrl + Left Arrow
Switch from split screen to full screenSearch + Ctrl + Up Arrow
Move split screen appSearch + Ctrl + Down Arrow
Switch input language (next)Ctrl + Space | Search + Space
Switch input language (previous)Ctrl + Shift + Space | Ctrl + Search + Space
Open assist appSearch + A
Open browser appSearch + B
Open calculator appSearch + U
Open calendar appSearch + K
Open contacts appSearch + C
Open email appSearch + E
Open maps appSearch + M
Open music appSearch + P
Open SMS appSearch + S

Accessibility and Inclusivity:

The introduction of physical keyboard shortcuts in Android 14 Preview also benefits users with accessibility needs. Physical keyboards offer tactile feedback and familiarity, making them a preferred input method for individuals with certain disabilities or those who find touchscreen interactions challenging. With an expanded set of physical keyboard shortcuts, Android 14 aims to enhance accessibility and inclusivity, ensuring a seamless experience for all users.

Android 14 Preview: A Glimpse into the Extensive Physical Keyboard Shortcuts - Best Feature


Android 14’s focus on physical keyboard shortcuts highlights Google’s commitment to improving the user experience and catering to diverse user preferences. The upcoming release is set to revolutionize the way users interact with their Android devices, providing a more efficient, intuitive, and customizable experience for those who rely on physical keyboards. As Android 14 approaches, users can look forward to a new level of productivity and convenience, making their Android smartphones even more versatile and powerful tools.

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